Top 5 Safest i-Size Car Seats 2017

Since i-Size, the new European safety standard for child car seats was introduced, it has prompted even laid back parents to ensure their children have the highest safety in the car regardless of what they may believe is necessary.

I-Size car seats fit vehicles which are i-Size compliant to achieve the maximum Euro NCAP rating. They can fit all cars with IsoFix fittings making the seat an extension of the car as opposed to a seat belt secured car seat which moves around.

Not only was this regulation enforced to provide children with the highest safety standard but it was also designed to provide them with additional comfort and the best odds if they should be so unfortunate to be part of an accident. Thus it is a no brainer that parents should consider the regulation in deciding which car seat is the best choice for their little one!

Key differences are increased support for the child’s neck and head and better protection in both rearward, frontal or side impact collisions. Additionally the five point harness prevents the child from falling out of the seat even in a roll-over accident. They are also mostly rearward-facing as the legislation states that a child must travel this way up to a minimum of 15 months, though in other European countries this applies until they are four years of age. The longer the better!

So without further ado, here are the five safest car seats for your child. Just scroll down the page!

Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus


They are known for making the best car seats on the market for infants, and the Pebble Plus is an update of the very popular Pebble car seat. This model has i-Size compatibility and is suitable for your child from birth until 15 months.

Pair this with the 2-way fixed base and your child can remain in the rearward position for the entire life of the seat.

Pebble Plus only uses Isofix attachments, and not the standard three-point seatbelt. It also boasts excellent safety features, a simple design and a lightweight but sturdy frame.

It can even be detached and used with most major pushchairs, and is completely airplane-approved!

You can buy  it now from John Lewis. Or you can buy it online from Amazon here.

Concord Reverso Plus i-Size Car Seat

Concord’s isofix features can be used not only until 15 months but from birth to 4 years of age, the ultimate safety for your child! It also comes with a new born insert and removable washable covers. You can buy the seat here for next day delivery.

Or if you love this brand as much as us but prefer the option of both front ward facing and rearward facing consider buying the new Concord Ultimax I-Size Car Seat, which also comes in an array of colours for a similar price! 


gb Vaya i-Size car seat


GB Vaya is a new brand to the UK, launching a range of car seats and pushchairs. the Vaya is an i-size offering suitable to use from birth to 105cm (around four years old). It features a seat that can swivel 360 degrees, and can be used rearward- and forward-facing with its five-point harness.

You can buy it from Mothercare here

Cybex Sirona M2 i-Size car seat for newborn – 4 years

This car seat meets all the new strict safety requirements. It has an interlaced LSP system (Linear Side Impact Protection) that provides optimum impact on side collisions. The car seat should be used with Base M i-size which comes with it, all the way from birth up until 4 years old. It is possible for the child to sit rearward facing throughout the period.

It is normally sold for £350.00 but right now you can grab it for a bargain of £294.99 in their famous autumn gold colour (pictured above).

Buy now



Many parents fell in love with the Britax Romer, but unfortunately it is not meet i-Size standards, thus we will not recommend it to you here. However before you give up hope, we want to tell you a secret. Listen close, because you do not want to miss this. Ready?

The much improved  i-Size version of the car seat you all love is ready for you to purchase in January! See the images above. You can already preorder it from Uber Kids, if you are patient enough, were thinking about purchasing one in a few weeks, or have a baby on the way, as it is suitable from newborn until around 4 years of age.

Preorder yours from Uber kids here

Don’t forget to check out this video to see what happens in a crash with an i-Size car seat compared to a regular seat!

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