Sophie The Giraffe! How Safe Is It Really?

Sophie la Giraffe quickly becomes your baby’s favourite toy as she stimulates all of baby’s five senses from as early as the age of 3 months!

Sophie la Giraffe is made of 100% natural rubber, which is completely free of BPA or phthalates.

Produced exclusively from natural rubber and coloured with non-toxic plant colours.

Sophie la Giraffe is easy to grasp with its long throat and legs, and the soft round ears are comfortable for baby to rub on, especially when the gums are itching for teeth.

The dark spots on Sophie’s body quickly catch baby’s eyes and stimulate the sense of sight.

The funny squeaking noise that comes from light pressure on Sophie’s body stimulates baby’s sense of hearing.

Sophie la Giraffe is the best-selling toy product in France every year and has rounded over 50 million sold figures on a worldwide scale!

You can buy Sophie the giraffe in many varients now from most major chains and natural baby sites including Mamas&Papas, Mothercare, Boots, Waitrose, House of Fraser, Naturisimo to name a few.

But for next day delivery and the cheapest price visit Amazon. 

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