HOW TO: Get your Toddler to Tidy their Room

Because it can be very difficult to have children clean up their rooms. Here are 6 things you need to know in order to succeed!

1. Look at what your child actually can do.

Children are very different and there can be a huge difference in what children can actually manage- both in regards to their age, but also in terms of their understanding of the world. So firstly be realistic. And only introduce new things one at a time, as they grasp them.

2. Accept that you will repeat yourself like a broken record.

It is to be expected that you will have to repeat the same thing many times. Your child is basically not a competent cleaner yet. You must help and guide your child to learn how to clean up.

3. Patience.

Perhaps this is the most important point of all. No one wants their parents losing patience, shouting or grunting in irritation. This is discouraging for both the child and the parent.

Put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if your boss told you to complete a task that was daunting and you were unsure where to even begin, if he suddenly started shouting, pulling his hair out or even worse, walked out giving up on you all together?

4. Help your child.

Initially, you should help your child clean up. Later, you can help your child to review the process by verbally guiding them one step at a time. In the end, your child will know the routine.

5. Help your child to know where things are going.

If you expect a cleaned room and a child to be able to tidy up, make sure the room is organized. This means that everything has its place and that it is constantly cleared of the toys your child is not playing with. For example, if your child is less, it may. Be sure to have boxes with a picture or writing of what’s going in it if you do not have the general mixed toy box.

TIP: We strongly recommend taking a look at ‘Our Guide to The Best and Safest Toy Boxes’ Here.

6. Practice makes perfect!

So keep in mind that if you want to succeed, you really have to decide that this is what you want. Therefore, you must be consistent with your child. Your child learns by repetition, by you being clear with your expectations and in your ability to persist.


The responsibility is yours.

Good luck with it!



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