Places To Go With Small Children In Winter

Yes, your child is really young, but you can still have lots of fun!

So, you don’t know exactly where you would like to venture out with your small kids, but you know that you do not want to stay between those four walls of your home. Where could you go with the kids at this time of year?

This list is sure to get you going places with your little ones this winter, just grab a hot drink, get comfortable and read on!

1. The Museum

These days they do not have to be boring, many museums are now catering for children and have plenty of things they can engage in. Science museums are probably the most fun. But if your child loves anything on wheels then there are also plenty of automotive museums around. Whatever interests them, and they can even learn a thing or two whilst you’re at it!

2. Sledding slopes

National parks and just a hill anywhere that is not too steep for your little ones, not close to a road or anything they can sleigh into including lakes or rivers.

Alternatively make your own slope in your garden or the park if you don’t have a garden yourself. Snowball fights and sledding are free as long as there is enough snow to accommodate for all the fun!

3. Indoor skiing, sledding and snow parks

If there is still no snow, but you want to get in the spirit of winter, and the kids are pulling at your hem to take them out. Looking out the window every morning when they wake up asking “is it snowing today?” then do not worry, find the nearest indoor snow park with a kids section and you will all love it!

4. Ice skating rinks


Toddlers can also join in the fun now, with penguins to hold onto, sleds to sit on and other aids to make skating fun and easy. Wrap yourselves in warm clothes, and get on the ice.

This makes for a nice day out, and after you can sit down and have a warm cup of hot chocolate before heading home. This is lots of fun, and will help you stay active and hopefully keep some of that winter plumpness at bay.

5. Cozy cinema trip

If your child is old enough to sit through a movie, then this is a really nice (warm) thing to do in winter. You could also bring your own blankets if you want to snuggle up on the seats, slurping your drink and scrunching on your preferred snack!

TIP: You could bring your own carrot sticks or cucumber sticks for healthy alternatives

6. Santa’s Grotto

There are plenty of these grottos everywhere. Most malls will have Santa visiting during December, some might even have a Rudolph! Plus you can get a nice picture with Santa for a present or festive decoration in the house!

7. Garden centre

Most garden centres do a Santa’s grotto, and they are always kids friendly, some have animals or fish to look at too. And you can always sit down at one of their cozy cafes after a stroll through their various plants and beautiful flowers. This is also a way to teach your children a little botany whilst you are there.


8. Theme park / amusement parks

All the major theme parks are open around Christmas, and they are decorated with beautiful lights and fake snow. Whilst some of their rides may be closed, they offer lots of different entertainment to keep your little ones amused, just make sure to double check their opening hours!

9. Water parks

Instead of splashing out on a tropical holiday as many parents do, you can literally just pack your bags, don’t forget your swimming costumes and drive to your local swimming pool or water park. There are now so many tropical climate water parks that are just as good if you want to forget about the cold outside and have a day in the south!

10. Resorts

If you prefer, you could take a weekend break (or longer) at one fo the many resorts. They will have Christmas related entertainment, rides and lots of family activities to engage in, including swimming in their water parks.

11. Trip to the Theatre

With the emergence of the cinema and the commercials and new movies that are constantly pulling us to the big screen, we forget that Theatre is a great alternative, and often a much better experience! What child does not love theatre? You do not have to go to the grand theatres and splash out on expensive plays, but there are so many more local smaller theatres that offer just as great plays, that are often much more intimate, some even make you part of the play, and it’s all for a fraction of the price!

12. Indoor play areas

If the weather is too cold, or you just prefer a day inside but do not want to stay at home. One of the many indoor play areas are great for the children, and they all have either a restaurant or café if not both, so you can sit down with a drink and watch the children if you wish.

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13. craft shops

There are so many craft shops, where you can sign up for a family class doing something crafty whether that is painting, personalizing a mug or molding. Plus in most cases you just have to show up and you can get started without even having to contact them first!
This is sure to be a hit with everyone as you can all get immersed, and it is always very cheap. What is even better is that whatever your children make, they are sure to be great presents under the Christmas tree!

14. Christmas Markets

Here you can find the festive spirit all around you. The smell of waffles, cinnamon and pine, all calling you to their cozy stalls.

Here you can find unique presents, activities, and so much more, just check where there is one near you and enjoy your day!


15. Camping

I know you are shuddering at the thought, but just listen. We do not mean setting your tent up and slipping in your sleeping bags, in the freezing cold. We are talking about caravans or caravan homes! If you own one and you are looking at this list, then what are you waiting for? Get off and get camping!

But the good news is that you do not have to own one to stay in one. There are plenty at different ends of the spectrum when it comes to prices, and they often come with a Jacuzzi, or are set in between beautiful nature ready for you and your little ones to explore!

16. Farms

Plenty of farms are still open this winter. If your kids love animals then this could make an ideal day out. Just make sure to dress them warmly as you can expect to spend most, if not all of your time outside!

17. Beautiful Aquariums

Not only is every child in awe in these blue places, but parents are guaranteed to be too. The best part is you will not have to wrap yourself in to toast, as it is all indoors. And what is better than a great day out that is also educational for both you and your little one?

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18. The Park

This one is completely free, and if the weather allows for it, you could teach your pre-schooler to ride their bike. If there is snow however, then it is even more fun, as there are plenty of other excited children there, and they can all play in the snow together. Imagine all the snowmen that you can make?

19. Nature

Getting out in nature is great for the whole family, there is so much you can explore, there are animals you can try and spot, there is fresh air, and it is guaranteed that you will have an evening to yourselves, as the kids will be out as soon as you reach home!

You can find a forest nearby. Visit a national park, or district (lake district, peak district etc) or just go for a walk. Either way, small ones love getting out and experiencing nature.



Lastly don’t forget to get your child suited and booted for the cold weather

Check out our Giant guide to choosing the best snowsuits

Read also our great guide on what you can do from home with your little ones this winter!

And don’t forget to save this list for days like these where you just can’t seem to figure out what to do with the kids. Yes, your child is very young but you can still have lots of fun!

If you feel that we have left something out then please do comment below and let us know. What fun places have you been to with your little ones?

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