Giant Guide To Choosing The Best Snowsuits

It’s time to make the switch from raincoats and puffy jackets to the body long snowsuit that keeps our little ones toasting in the cold.

But what do you need to look for when buying a snowsuit?

We hope to answer every question you have right now, right here, in this Giant Guide to Choosing the Perfect Snowsuit!

Must be durable for long hours of playing in the cold

As a bare minimum the suit must be able to withstand many hours of play in all kinds of weather.

This is why it’s important that the snowsuit is durable, is highly waterproof and has very good breathability.

Free movement

It’s crucial that your child is not restricted but are able to move freely when they play, run, dance and jump – that’s why freedom of movement is paramount when you choose a snowsuit, otherwise your child will refuse to ever wear it a second time.

And here it’s important to consider your child’s age and height (and energy levels) when choosing the suit so you end up with, the right size!

You can easily figure this out from home by:

  • Measure your child so you know their length in cm
  • buying it a little too big, so the suit will fit the whole season

How to check if the size is correct when you have the suit at home (or in the fitting room):

  • If you already bought it and have it at home, then do not get too excited and start ripping the labels off, throwing out the receipt and pushing your little one out the door to try it!
  • Let your child sit down in the suit. You should be able grasp a good handful of the suit behind the neck.This shows the suit is not too tight around the shoulders.
  • When your child is sitting down it must not be pulling between their legs, nor should it reach up over the edge of the boot
  • Now the child has to get up. Here there should be about a handful of fabric between the legs.
  • When the arms are stretched, the wrists must not be blotted.

Keep in mind that the snowsuit must not be too big as to let the cold in, nor too small as that would also let the cold in.

On top of that it would be moving around, is uncomfortable for your little one to wear, and does not cover properly.

Things to consider when choosing a snowsuit

  • Know what you are looking for, and thus what you choose from. Functionality and design are not necessarily contradictions, but the different companies have different strengths.
  • If the design is most important, you can still get a good snowsuit, but not necessarily the most practical.
  • If the practicality is most important, such as, breathability and details of closures and seams, you can still get a nice snowsuit, but not necessarily the most beautiful design.
  • Check out the web for the latest tests. There are many tests on snowsuits out there!

How highly waterproof should it be?

This is measured in mm. If you put the material taut and place a column of water upside down on the material, the water resistance is rated when the water starts to pass through.

A water column pressure of 10,000 mm corresponds to a column of 10 meters of water, with pressure from its own weight. It’s more than enough for a day out in British rain, and half can easily do it too. Especially when the stitching is made properly.

But how high a waterproof rating should you then go for?

For the British weather, a waterproof rating of 8000 mm is more than enough and will keep your little one warm, dry and happy outdoors,

The difference between welded and taped seams

Welded seams are completely waterproof. The seams are not sewn, but welded together, so there are no holes in the material where water can penetrate.

Stitched seams are seams sealed on the backside with a watertight tape.

Washing tips for snowsuits

You can buy a nice and expensive suit, but if you do not wash it according to the recommendations, the substance that makes it waterproof and maintains breathability will be ruined.

Therefore, as with so much other clothes, it is very important to read the washing instructions .

Some snowsuits can only be washed at 30 degrees, others must be turned inside out when they are to be washed – and others can not tolerate tumble dryers. It could have many other requirements than the few mentioned here, and how you wash it and dry it determines the longevity and durability of the snowsuit.

Checklist to remember before washing:

  • Empty the pockets, of stones and other loose things. They often end up in the lining and destroy the snowsuit.
  • zip up the zippers. It only takes 20 seconds extra and is worth the effort. Zippers can be broken in the machine or fall off, and then it will take a new zipper before the snowsuit comes in handy again.
  • Zippers can also stick to other things in the washing machine ruining your other clothes.

Other good advice if the snowsuit will be worn to nursery or school:

  • Remember to write names in the suit before it goes anywhere.
  • Mud stains are a well-known phenomenon to most families with children. They are removed easiest when they are completely dry. Use a hard brush or sponge and brush as much of the stain off as possible.
  • If you start to rub a wet muddy stain, you risk it penetrating into the fabric. Once you have removed as much of the dirt platter as possible, you can throw it in the washing machine bearing in mind what is advised for the snowsuit and it will come out as good as new.



Any other tips you would like to add? Please leave a comment below!

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