Buying Organic For Your Baby

Here is why you should choose organic for your child, and what the benefits are of organic skincare, products and clothes for your baby.

Harmful chemicals have been a big focus in the media right now, as more parents are becoming increasingly aware and speaking out on the negative effects or harmful substances that are targeted at their loved ones.

But new mothers, expecting mothers and experienced mothers as well as fathers must all eventually take a stance on where they stand on this matter, and it can be difficult to find your way around in this mountain of information. What do you need to take seriously, and what is of less significance?

Why you should choose organic skincare products for your baby

We highly recommend that you choose organic skincare products for your little one. The most important thing to look out for here is that the products are free from harmful chemicals.

Read our article on Johnson and Johnson baby products for what ingredients to look out for here

The products with artificial scents and colouring, preservatives and parabens can cause your child to develop allergies that will affect your child for the rest of their life. So therefore really think about what you apply to their sensitive skin. For their sake stick to products that are mild and suitable for sensitive baby skin.

There are plenty of products out there, but often the quality is reflected in the price. One of the most popular skincare products is the ultra-mild “White Mallow” range from Weleda, made of only the mildest ingredients and completely free from artificial additives.

Sustainable baby clothing free of chemicals

Even if you choose to buy organic baby clothes, you do not necessarily want to compromise on quality and design, and you do not need to either! In fact, several of the big baby clothes brands are specially focused on designing unique and luxurious clothes, often dyed with plants and completely free of hormone disrupting substances.

Sustainable clothes are made of natural materials that take our environment into account and create the best frames for your baby and with good reason: the industry is the second most polluting in the world. The materials allow the skin to breathe and they do not scratch.

What to look out for

To identify whether your baby’s clothes are organic, look out for official certification, such as The Soil Association, the UK’s largest organic certification body, or World Fair Trade Organisation. Other countries will have an equivalent body too, and brands worldwide often need to pay for such certifications.  Organic cotton clothing is recognised by the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) or Oeko-Tex, which means no chemical pesticides or fertilisers are used in production and farmers must work under safe conditions with an agreed minimum wage too.

Here is a list of the brands you can buy 100% organic clothes from:


• Scandiborn 

This is at the top of the list because you just have to check them out! Not only do they sell adorable clothing and accessories but they also sell natural furniture with organic paint, and décor that is pinterest-worthy.  

• Little Green Radicals

We love their slight retro feel but funky and adorable designs. And love their motto even more “Organic fashion for free range kids”.

• We Love Frugi

All about colourful and cheerful designs. Frugi has all the certifications and donates 1 per cent of all profits to charity each year.

• Piccalilly

This brand has cute designs with mainly animal prints as well as mythical creatures like unicorns. They make clothes from newborn all the way to 10 years old.

• Tilly & Jasper 

Famous for their 100% hooded bamboo baby towel, and boasting great Scandi designs.

• Cambridge Baby 

They specialise in natural fibres, wool, organic cotton, alpaca and silk, with the majority of their products made from Merino wool.  

• Toby Tiger

Kids love their fun designs and parents love their motto, “Ethical and organic”.

• Kite 

Brought to life just yards from the sea in Dorset their garments are fit for the coastline, countryside and everything in between. You are guaranteed to find something you like with their beautiful designs. And they make clothes from newborn to 11 years old. 

• Organic Zoo

This small size company goes the extra mile to ensure the whole process is as sustainable as possible, with a focus on quality, fair trade and the environment. And their designs are gorgeous and reasonably priced!

• Newbie 

This Swedish brand creates fashionable clothes for nought to eight-year-olds, which are also reasonably priced, while also encouraging you to recycle old clothes by handing them in to Newbie’s London store if you don’t pass them down to other little ones. 

• Konges Sloejd 

Copenhagen-based brand Konges Sloejd brings the very on trend Scandinavian style to its kids clothing range, designing everything from clothes to bedding with only the highest quality feel, all parents will value. Their organic toys and decor ranges are beautiful too!

• The Little Green Sheep 

Not only do they sell organic sleepwear but they also sell organic bedding and mattresses for nights 100% free from harmful  chemicals. 

• The Bonnie Mob 

This brand caters for children up to seven years old with its long-lasting and robust pieces urging you to keep them as hand-me-downs, as they have gained all certifications and only buy their fabric directly from the source promising the highest quality. 

• Peacheyboo 

Brighton-based brand Peacheyboo creates unisex clothing for tiny tots using prints inspired by old-fashioned sweet shops for charming and nostalgic designs. And it’s all designed, manufactured and packaged in the UK, reducing its carbon footprint 

• Piupia  

This small family-run business founded in London, are meticulous about the quality of materials used and how they were sourced. Thus they have obtained all the certifications, no chemicals are used to dye nor print clothing and even their buttons are ecological, made from cotton fibres.

• Patagonia

Outdoors gear for outdoorsy little ones with the environment in mind. Patagonia also ensures its down does not come from birds that are force-fed or live-plucked

• The Bright Company

sleepwear specialists, that make unisex PJs for both kids and adults, so you can get their comfortable and gorgeous designs for the entire family, and even match!

Final Tip

If you are in the shops anyways or a big fan of the high street stores then here are a few of them that sell better clothes for your little one.

If you happen to be in Zara, then check out their Join Life range.

If you happen to like H&M perhaps for their reasonably priced clothing, then fish out something from their conscious kids collection. All of it is made from sustainable materials including ones that are recycled, organic or certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

House of Fraser and John Lewis also sell a handful of organic clothes for your little one, and now that you know what to look for, you can get shopping chemical-free (and guilt-free)!

Hint! But some brands can be found online on different trusted websites for much less than they sell them in store or on their official websites. Below are a few we have scouted just for you:

By Kite. £6.00 less than on their website! Buy now

By Piccalilly for just £20.00 ! Buy Now

By Ana Wiz for just £9.95 Buy Now

By Kidsform for only £11.49 ! Buy Now

By Kidthingz saving you £17.00, Now only £12.99. Buy Now

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